Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1:1 Project - Watch one, make one!

Often friends ask me why I watch so many films and write about them, and what the purpose is.
This year, I seriously think about these questions. I think analyzing and writing about films only have two purposes. One is the learn how to make films from those previous work, the other is just for fun. The latter one actually includes many of different type of writing, such as film critics in newspapers or medias for audiences to choose which to watch, traditional literature critics that could be seen on serious academic journals which the the main reasons is add extra fun when watching and discussing them afterall.

I tried to calculate how many films one could have watched in his/her life, it is possible to do so since each feature film is roughly has similarly predictable length.  Then I figured out it is meaningless to attempt to watch all films in the world as some film collectors may secretly wish for. Most important, to obtain "fun", it isn't necessary to watch that many films. Watching two or three films won't make me happier, only more tired.

In the end, watching for making films sounds most convincing for me. Therefore, this is my new year resolution for this year: 1:1 project. I challenge myself to make some still photos or clips which are inspired by every film I watch. And I invite any renegade minds to sign up this deranged assignment with me!

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